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Ready to Join Us in the Woods?

We are excited that you are interested in becoming a TimberNook provider. This rewarding experience and business opportunity will allow you to enhance the lives of children. When you join TimberNook, you are joining a greater movement toward fostering happy, healthy, well-adjusted kids!

Here’s What to Expect

Each TimberNook provider brings their own expertise to the woods. All providers share the conviction that if children spend ample time outdoors on a daily basis, these experiences will change their lives for the better. Providers work tirelessly to create unique, sensory play experiences for children, while educating the greater community about the therapeutic and developmental benefits of unstructured outdoor play.

As a prospective provider, you will need:

  • Knowledge and a background in child development in fields such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, recreational therapy, early childhood or elementary education, social work, medicine, or psychology.

  • An open mind and the flexibility to step back and allow children to create, take risks, and learn in unexpected and meaningful ways.

  • Motivation to reach as many children as possible and a strong drive to educate the greater community about the importance of outdoor play for healthy child development.

  • Financial resources to meet the appropriate minimum initial investment requirements, as well as to pay ongoing fees and the costs associated with running a TimberNook business.

  • Strong management & interpersonal skills focusing on staff development, parent and child interactions, community education, time management, marketing and sales, and overall excellence.

  • Commitment to serving the needs of children and the greater community by providing high-quality programming and workshops.

  • Passion to get children outdoors moving, and having fun.

If you have these skills, we would love to talk with you!

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