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For the Good of the Whole Child

When you choose to become a TimberNook-certified school, you’re choosing to offer students something unique and special that will help them for a lifetime. We offer unwavering support to teachers at TimberNook-certified schools to help you effectively carry forth our mission.

Ready to Join Us in Nature?

Is your school ready for TimberNook?

  • Do you have a supportive community and interested teachers?

  • Do you have funding available for training of teachers and ongoing program costs?

  • Do you have use of an outdoor space for the children to explore and where they can play? Whether your space is a forested area, on the blacktop, or in an open field, we recommend a minimum size of at least three large classrooms.

We’ll help guide you through the signup process and get you started on the path to becoming a TimberNook-certified school!

Here’s What to Expect

The foundation of the TimberNook for Schools program is the link between providing outdoor play experiences during the school day, healthy development and learning outcomes. Running a consistent program that maximizes these experiences is essential to realizing the full benefits of TimberNook.

The following questions will help us gauge your school’s readiness for meeting the program goals. We understand that not all schools have the necessary organization in place, and may need time to achieve these goals.

We’ll help guide you through the signup process and get you started on the path to becoming a TimberNook certified school!

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