New Session Castaways – July 4th Week – TimberNook Greater Quad Cities

This is four day adventure (because we are not operating on the 4th of July) your child will be sure to remember. They come to camp and find themselves stranded and need to make camp, shelter, and safety a top priority. This adventure will require a daunting trip into the woods to locate a safer and more protected location.

They will have only the barest of survival items, but imaginations will run wild as they work together and individually to not only survive but thrive. They will learn how to make and start a fire using different methods, practice making shelters using a variety of real tools, practice knots and learn lashing, all so they can survive and live another day.

Castaways is an adventure that will not soon be forgotten.

NOTE: We offer a sibling discount of 50% for each additional child enrolled in the same program after one child is registered at the early bird/full price, the procedures for enrolling at the sibling discount is at the bottom of this page.

Dates & Details:
• Monday, July 1 through Wednesday July 3, and July 5th,  9:00am-3:00pm
• Children are required to bring the following with them every day of TimberNook
1. a backpack                                                                                                                                              2. a filled water bottle                                                                                                                                  3. a snack
4. a hearty lunch
5. a towel
6. a change of clothing
7. shoes/boots attached securely to the foot, no sandals or crocs
8. clothes that are able to be played in and can get dirty, muddy or wet
9. bug spray/sunscreen
10. any medication needed (must have health form completed and complete directions provided prior to attendance to assure compliance and safety of child)
• 5days of unique 6-hour play-based TimberNook nature programming, allowing time for your child to fully engage in child-led exploration and rhythms.
• Specifically designed for children to engage all of their senses, practice and develop new skills, freedom to choose, build capacity and resiliency and become their best selves.
• We are 100% outdoors. Appropriate outdoor wear is required (if there is a question or concern, please reach out to us, and we will work together to make sure everyone is dressed for the weather, ensuring comfort and safety).
• Bathroom facilities available on-site, with hot water available.
• Exclusive access to more than 10 acres of outdoor space designed explicitly to support and encourage the senses, creativity, imagination, adventure and the whole child.
• You will receive news and pictures of the day’s experiences and a comprehensive review, as well as inspirational ideas for ways to continue play at home.
• We maintain a 6:1 child/adult ratio where the role of the adult is to step back and tune in. TimberNook staff maintain visual contact with children but may be out of arm’s reach. Staff allow children the opportunity to build conflict resolution skills but will step in when required such as when safety is a factor.
• We expect children to maintain visual contact with a TimberNook staff person, stay within the designated boundaries of our site, and manage their needs (such as eating, drinking fluids and using the restroom).
• We understand that children are individuals and sometimes have varying abilities and unique needs. If your child requires additional support, please contact us to make a plan. If the child requires 1:1 support to attend, you must provide the support person as we are unable to meet this level of supervision within the program.
• In the event of impending severe weather during a TimberNook program we will take shelter in our designated storm shelter
• Programs are held rain, shine, heat or snow. If the weather is just too severe to be safe, programs are cancelled, and a make-up class will be scheduled (if not possible tuition will be adjusted). Remember that soap, water and a bath will be your best friend. Expect that your child may get wonderfully messy, dirty, wet, cold or hot, but always happy!

WE OFFER A SIBLING DISCOUNT OF 50% for each additional child enrolled in the same program after one child is registered at the early bird/full price. Follow these procedures:
1. Register and pay for first child in the early bird/full price program.
2. Log out after you register your first child for this program.
3. Return to program options for TimberNook Greater Quad Cities, and scroll to the CASTAWAYS SIBLINGS, half-price program option, immediately below the one listed at full price.
4. Click to explore SIBLING half-price program.
5. Log out after paying for additional child, repeat process in order to enroll additional children.
6. If cost is prohibitive, please contact us to inquire about subsidy. Please get in touch if you or someone you know would like to subsidize a spot for families who cannot attend at full cost.
7. If this program is full, please email us to be added to the waitlist: [email protected]

A comprehensive welcome packet will be emailed a few days in advance with complete information on where to go, what to wear, what to bring and what to expect. (hint: expect lots of fun and memories to be made)

If cancellation occurs 4 weeks prior to the start date of the program, there will be a refund minus 15% cancellation fee. There is no refund for cancellations that are within 4 weeks of the start date. There is no refund for illness, quarantine, or undesirable weather.
If, for whatever reason, we have to cancel the program prior to the start date, you will be given the option to enroll your child in another available comparable program, receive full credit for up to 18 months after the original program start date, or, you may receive a full refund minus the 15% non-refundable deposit.
If, we have to cancel the program AFTER it begins due to Covid related reasons, we will issue credits for the prorated amount.

COVID-19 Considerations:
• Please monitor for symptoms at home, and keep your child home if they are sick or in the “high risk” category.
• If your child has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, has experienced symptoms of COVID-19, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please follow current CDC guidelines before sending them to TimberNook.
• Children will have a hand washing station available throughout the day.
• Our expansive outdoor environment allows for natural social distancing.
• All employees will be trained on health and safety protocols.

Location: Camp Kawnipi, 1777 Ziegler Ave., Blue Grass, Iowa 52726
Contact: Sherry O’Keefe, 563-349-6617, [email protected]

TimberNook Greater Quad Cities

New Session Castaways – July 4th Week – TimberNook Greater Quad Cities

Jul 1 - Jul 5

Times: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Ages: 9 - 14

1777 Zeigler Ave, Blue Grass, Iowa 52726


Timbernook Certified Provider Team Member

Lisa Dellitt

Timbernook Certified Provider Team Member

Sherry Plath O'Keefe

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  1. maddie.lidvall (verified owner)

    5 stars for TimberNook Greater QCA! Such an amazing program to have here locally. My boys loved this camp and looked forward to it every Saturday. We can’t wait to go back again!

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