Going Wild – TimberNook Chapel Hill

Going Wild – SPY WEEK: During this week of going wild at camp the children have the opportunity to test their spy and secret agent skills.

Each day of summer camp we come up with different variations such as identities and headquarters, spy personas and spy tactics, creating their own gadgets for spying, opportunity to add an escape room element to their headquarters and challenging one another.

Daily Sample Flow
9:00: Check In, Welcome Songs
9:30: Snack
10:00: Daily exploration and play
12:00: Lunch
12:30: Extended Play and Game
3:00: Dismissal

TimberNook programs run in all weather conditions* so children must dress appropriately and bring their own food and water (pack lots!).

This program is a great way to continue learning throughout the summer through play! It is also a great opportunity to complement therapy for children with motor, sensory or other developmental challenges. Our nature program is inclusive; we are a safe place for children and families of all abilities, backgrounds, belief systems, and sexual orientations. When deciding if this program will be a good fit for your child, please take the following into consideration:

-We maintain a 6:1 child/adult ratio where the role of the adult is to step back and tune in. TimberNook staff maintains visual contact with children, but may be out of arm’s reach. Staff allow children the opportunity to build conflict resolution skills, but will step in when required such as when safety is a factor.

-We expect children to maintain visual contact with a TimberNook staff person, stay within the designated (unfenced) boundaries of our site, and manage their needs (such as eating, drinking fluids and using the restroom).

-We understand that children are individuals and sometimes have varying abilities and unique needs. If your child requires additional support, please contact us to make a plan. If the child requires 1:1 support to attend, you must provide the support person as we are unable to meet this level of supervision within the program.

If this program is full, please email us to be added to the waitlist.

REFUND POLICY- NO REFUNDS, CREDIT OR TRANSFER OF CLASS. Credit/refund is ONLY issued in the event that TimberNook Chapel Hill has to cancel the program**; if a child has to miss a class due to illness, quarantine or any other reason there will be no refunds, credit or transfer of class.

*In the event of impending severe weather during a TimberNook program we will retreat from the woods to a safe place on the sanctuary until the weather passes.

**Severe weather causing the cancellation of a TimberNook program will result in a refund.

TimberNook Chapel Hill

Going Wild – TimberNook Chapel Hill

Jun 17 - Jun 21

Times: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Ages: 7 - 12

161 Sanctuary Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27516


Timbernook Certified Provider Team Member

KIm Pollard

Timbernook Certified Provider Team Member

Kristen McDuffee

Capacity: 18 (16 spots left)

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