Session 2 – Thursday – Little Wild Ones – TimberNook Chicago Southland

Our Forest School Program engaged children in outdoor play and learning through all seasons and all types of weather!

Children will enjoy exploring and creating, diving deep into their imaginations, bringing stories to life, engineering grand-scale experiences, cooking over the fire.  Students gain confidence as they learn through natural experiences.

*For multiple children discount email [email protected]

This session runs THURSDAYS

• Children are required to bring the following with them every day of TimberNook
1. a backpack

  1. a filled water bottle
  2. a snack
    4. a hearty lunch
    5. a towel
    6. a change of clothing
    7. shoes/boots attached securely to the foot, no sandals or crocs
    8. clothes that are able to be played in and can get dirty, muddy or wet
    9. bug spray/sunscreen
    • 5-hour play-based TimberNook nature programming, allowing time for your child to fully engage in child-led exploration and rhythms.
    • Specifically designed for children to engage all of their senses, practice and develop new skills, freedom to choose, build capacity and resiliency and become their best selves.
    • We are 100% outdoors. Appropriate outdoor wear is required (if there is a question or concern, please reach out to us, and we will work together to make sure everyone is dressed for the weather, ensuring comfort and safety).
    • Bathroom facilities available on-site.
    • Exclusive access to 20 acres of outdoor space designed explicitly to support and encourage the senses, creativity, imagination, adventure and the whole child.
    • We maintain a 6:1 child/adult ratio where the role of the adult is to step back and tune in. TimberNook staff maintain visual contact with children but may be out of arm’s reach. Staff allow children the opportunity to build conflict resolution skills but will step in when required such as when safety is a factor.
    • We expect children to maintain visual contact with a TimberNook staff person, stay within the designated boundaries of our site, and manage their needs (such as eating, drinking fluids and using the restroom).
    • We understand that children are individuals and sometimes have varying abilities and unique needs. If your child requires additional support, please contact us to make a plan. If the child requires 1:1 support to attend, you must provide the support person as we are unable to meet this level of supervision within the program.
    • Programs are held rain, shine, heat or snow. If the weather is just too severe to be safe, programs are cancelled, and a make-up class will be scheduled (if not possible tuition will be adjusted).
  3. We operate from a Christian worldview. Although we will not be teaching a specifically Christian curriculum, our faith will be evident in the songs we sing, the blessings and prayers we say, and through our reverence for God including Bible stories, the birth and resurrection of Jesus, and God’s unconditional love.

TimberNook Chicago Southland

Session 2 – Thursday – Little Wild Ones – TimberNook Chicago Southland

Nov 7 - Dec 19

Times: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Ages: 4 - 7

26621 S. Ridgeland Ave. Monee, IL


Timbernook Certified Provider Team Member

Christina Dennis

Capacity: 12 (12 spots left)

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